Saudi Arabia Embassy Legalization for Commercial Documents

The US Arab Chamber of Commerce assists U.S. exporters and corporations to expedite the legalization process and obtain the required authentications in a timely manner. Commercial export Documents destined for use in Saudi Arabia must be:

  • Original document signed by a company official and notarized (PDF not accepted).
  • Certified from the Secretary of the State where notarization occurred.
  • Legalized by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington DC.

Companies must complete steps 1 and 2 before shipping the documents to US Arab Chamber of Commerce to expedite completion of step 3.

Enjaz Payment Process

Enjazit is a leading Saudi company in the field of information technology. It is well-known in Saudi Arabia as it is the link between the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the public to process electronic transaction services. As part of the electronic government system, all Saudi missions around the world are obliged to accept all document certification fees only through Enjaz or through an authorized office with the embassy like US Arab Chamber of Commerce.
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Legalize Certificate of Origin and/or Commercial Invoice

A legalized Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice are obligatory requirements to complete an export process to the Saudi Arabia.

Both certificates must include full contact information about the exporter and the importer such as name, address, phone number, and fax. Furthermore, the exported products to the KSA must be manufactured in the United States to successfully complete the process.

Procedure CO & CI Processing time
Arab Chamber stamp only $ 70.00 One Business day
Arab Chamber stamp & Saudi embassy legalization $ 100.00 6 Business days

Note :
New juristriction rules has been applied for by the Saudi embassy.
please call us at (202) 468-4200 to find out how we can help you before FedExing your document(s).

Legalization of other types of Commercial Export Certificates

US Arab Chamber of Commerce legalizes other commercial export documents and certificates from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington D.C. such as Packing Lists, Insurance Certificates, Halal Certificates, Export Certificates, Radiation Certificates, Dangerous Goods Certificates, Inspection Certificates, Bill of Lading, Airway Bills, Pro Forma Certificates, Temporary Shipment Certificates, Ingredient Certificates, and ISO Certificates.

The chamber will stamp the document and legalize it by the Moroccan Embassy in Washington DC. The process and fees for these documents are similar to the one previously listed above for commercial invoices. These documents must be certified from the same secretary of the state where they were issued. For more information, please call customer Service for support.


  • Company Check or Money Order Payable to “US Arab Chamber of Commerce”
  • Credit cards: Master, Visa, American Express.
  • Billing Request for companies that have a current “G- Account”
    (A "G-Account" is usually assigned to companies with a high volume of certifications)
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Mailing and Contact Information

  • The documents.
  • Your payment, or print out of proof of payment.
  • A prepaid return label from FedEx, UPS, DHL, Or US Postal Service.
  • A service request form that includes your contact information and the name of the destination country.
Mail your package to the following address US Arab Chamber of Commerce
  • At: Saudi Arabia Legalization
    1330 New Hampshire Ave,
    NW, Suite B1,
    Washington, DC, 20036
  • Tel: (202) 468-4200

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