Agency Agreement Legalization- Consular Certification

USACC can help U.S. corporations obtaining expedited legalization service for Agency Agreement to be valid for use in the Arab Countries. The chamber will authenticate the documents from the US Department of State, affix the chamber stamp and legalize the document from the embassy of the destination country in Washington DC or one of its consulates in the United States.

Before you send us your document, it must be:
  • An original document signed by a corporate agent.
  • Notarized by a local notary public.
  • Certified from your local Secretary of State Office.

When USACC receives your package along with your payment and return envelope, the Chamber will process the following certifications:

  • US Department of State authentication.
  • US Arab Chamber of Commerce Stamp certification.
  • Consular certification from the embassy of the destination country in Washington DC or one of its consulates.

Check Agency Agreement Legalization fee and processing times for use in the Arab Countries:

Agency Agreements Legalization fee
Destination Country First Document First Document Turnaround Time
Algeria $163.00 $123.00 11
Bahrain $183.00 $133.00 13
Egypt $178.00 $138.00 10
Iraq $268.00 $218.00 8-13
Jordan $207.00 $157.00 11
Kuwait $148.00 $98.00 11
Lebanon $183.00 $133.00 10-13
Libya $423.00 $373.00 16
Morocco $50.00 $50.00 2
Oman $295.00 $245.00 5
Palestine $323.00 $273.00 12
Qatar $135.00 $85.00 8-19
Saudi Arabia $134.00 $84.00 10
Sudan $727.00 $677.00 11
Syria $273.00 $223.00 20
Tunisia $163.00 $113.00 8
UAE $723.00 $673.00 11
Yemen $ 208.00 $ 168.00 17

Choose the destination country for price details.

Agency Agreement - Definition

Agency Agreement, Company Agreement or Corporate Agreement are all legal commercial contract between two entities. It is a binding relationship in which the ”Principal” agrees to the actions of the “Agent” in accordance with the articles stated in the Agreement.

How to prepare your envelope?

  1. You must ensure that your document is ready for the legalization process.
    If you are not sure, please call us on: (202) 468-4200 for verification first.
  2. After that, prepare an envelope that contain all the following:
  • The documents that need legalization.
  • Your payment. We accept all major credit cards, money order and wire transfer. Make your payment payable to the US Arab Chamber of Commerce.
  • Your contact information including: your name, phone, email, and destination country.
  • A prepaid return airway bill to send the documents back to you after finishing.
  • Send the envelope to the following address:
US Arab Chamber of Commerce
1330 New Hampshire Ave, NW, Suite B1,
Washington, DC, 20036
Tel: (202) 468-4200

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